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The Wine World had better get ready.  This weekend (October 24-26, 2008) a gathering of assorted wine lovers, wineries, wine tech companies and wine bloggers all gathered in honor of Wine Bloggers.  No, it wasn’t an awards show, but we enjoyed plenty of celebrating and acknowledgments all the way around.  The collective influence of this assortment of wine bloggers is something to be reckoned with .  Forget those last generation men from the days of the Paris Tasting.  Meet the Wine Bloggers.  They are some mix of: independent, quirky, brilliant, humorous, hilarious, friendly, international, dedicated, decent, sharp, passionate, energetic, writing, winos.  And they will not be tamed.

Consider them alpha-wine consumers.  They know most of what there is to know before the main-stream picks it up when it comes to wine.  They also relay that news back out to their readers and fellow wine bloggers.  It is a network with their collective ear to the ground.  And since many of them do this because they love it, aka, not paid to write about their wine love, they will say exactly what they think, uncensored, uninhibited.  Wine bloggers will also work to back up their assertions and news with facts and supporting materials.  Rest assured, ethics and credibility is in the forefront of their minds.

Additionally, they have gathered and connected.  Maybe not organized, but that may not be necessary.  As part of an online community, their collective influence must not be underestimated.  And wine bloggers are just getting started.  I’ve said it before, and I will say it again:  the consumer has much to gain from this online community.  A free resource for consumers to navigate the myriad ways, web sites, stores and wineries selling wine and wine gadgets!  See the list to the right to find the right set of Wine Blogs for your personal tastes.  And subscribe.

The wine world is just coming to grips with it’s technological transformation and what the www will mean in wine sales to the consumer.   Though wine clubs are not new, the way people will interact with them and connect with wineries, winemakers, and the variety of brands out there is still being imagined and pursued by start ups world wide.  Imagine a wine club akin to Netflix.  Voila, WineQ.    And discover Cruvee, the social site for wine lovers that recommends wine based on your preferences.  The wineries that have the foresight to invest time, $ and relationships will have a tremendous foothold in the online wine culture.  There is a wide open field for participation that adds value.  Leaders, step up.

Photos, Courtesy of my new WBC Wine Blogger Friend: www.dirtysouthwine.com, Hardy Wallace)

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