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A giant thank you to my esteemed colleagues, wine lover bloggers and interested spectators who have watched with interest, fanned up with passion or snickered with disbelief about the “Banned in ‘Bama” issue turned campaign that peaked as the summer was pedaling to its end.

President of Hahn Estates, Bill Leigon, also passes on his gratitude and respect for the online wine media, bloggers and social media he’s praised for years  in the latest Wines and Vines Guest Editorial. It is likely too small to read here…but I wanted you to know what you’re looking for in case you come across it in the industry magazine.


Another example of social media’s power in action.


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I love an idea that can go viral.


Or maybe it already is viral and people will now just write about it…more.  Comparative wine tastings:  The sales reps at Hahn, in particular one extremely forward thinking, brilliant and sassy New Yorker/Aussie, Shannon Marshall, (twitter @perthgirl) rep is motivating groups in the beverage industry in NYC to gather …perhaps quarterly…to “start a quarterly comparative tasting (blind?) where we have some of our wines against our competitive set…and get as many people involved in respective regions?  i.e.a group of NY distributor sales people and I meet at a lounge and taste the wines, write a few words of comment…and post our results.”  

wineglassesOther wineries on twitter connected with the bloggers’ during Hahn’s tasting Forum and said, ” Hey, I want to do that too!”.  Winery folks that were there said, “I’ll host one!” (Twisted Oak, Michel Schlumberger, and others).  And other participants, bloggers and winemakers are talking about bringing bloggers and consumers together for tastings.  Informative, educational, access to the wine maker, wine bloggers, and most importantly, a blast of an experience that heightens our experience of wine and each other.  Said beautifully on the Kilted Blog: “...the best part is – you actually bring the “social” in social media.  At the end of the day, its all fine and dandy to excel in social media in the online sense – but what really matters, down at the core of it, is being social with real human beings.

And how cool would it be to taste a flight of wines with a group of wineophiles, winemakers, vineyard managers, wine bloggers and your friends?  That, my friends, would be CRAZY fun, and there’s  so much to learn and enjoy.  Really, these people have a gift, a passion and lucky us, they want to share!  The content, the conversation, the wine experience…you don’t often get that confluence of visceral, intellectual and social high all in one event.

Photos provided courtesy of Chris Butts: The Kilted Blog.

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