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I can’t exactly explain it, but when I find myself surrounded by talented, passionate people I am giddy with excitement and anticipation.  That’s how I feel about Layla Fanucci and her Exhibit opening in New York City on February 7, 2009.  This exhibit is all about New York and her “vision of their city”, said Ms. Fanucci.   Her work is intensely passionate, bold and captivating.  Layla Fanucci opens at the Walter Wickiser Gallery a prestigious Fine Art Gallery in Chelsea.  Layla is as warm and joyful in person to meet as her work is intense.  Her smile is as warm as the sun.  I’ll stop there lest I gush too much.  Go see her work.  Meet Ms. Fanucci at the opening.  (oh, and she makes a killer espresso, roasting the beans herself!)

layla-fanucci016-331Walter Wiskiser was born and raised in the American art world,  son of artist and art educator Ralph Wickiser.   His friendship at an early age with the Milton Avery and Yasuo Kuniyoshi families provided a special mentoring and education has proved very beneficial to his career as an art dealer.

After the Wickiser Gallery Exhibit, Layla will have a museum exhibit in North Carolina and then a 3 month museum exhibit in Marraketch, Morrocco.  The important thing is…go SEE her, the work, New York City, and people filled with talent and passion wherever you can find them!



Photos courtesy of Layla Fanucci.


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Proof of ROI in Social Media:

That’s for the boss’ bottom line.  But I think the real ROI isn’t measured by the bottom line.  The most valuable investment we all make in social networking is our time and ourselves.  Without those two things invested…and invested authentically, there is no real return.  How do you measure and put a dollar value on connecting, shared information, generating ideas, developing conversations?  I’m sure there are social scientists that will study and follow these activities and endeavor to measure the trail and where it leads.  And as soon as the numbers are in black and white, I think the measure will have already missed the essence of the most valuable return from social networking.


In this particular case, however, I have been VERY lucky to have a short, direct trail with a couple people in the chain to point to a measurable outcome.  Brian Simpson, (F & B at the Roger Smith Hotel in New York City) and Shannon Marshall,  (Northeast Divisional Manager for Hahn Family Wines ).  Through the power of social media, twitter and 12seconds.tv, Brian & I have connected & have been posting 12 second videos of the RSH daily lunch special paired with wine.  We started in early November.  By request, I connected Brian with Shannon & by early December we have the menu above :  5 wines from Hahn Family Wines by the glass with 3 more by the bottle.

For me the return is in the relationships and connections I am allowed to cultivate world-wide through social networking.  The bottom line ROI is a secondary result I am grateful for…but not my primary pursuit.  The connections are.  Which brings me back to wine.  I feel the same way about sharing a bottle with someone.  Happy New Year everyone.  Cheers.


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If you’re a winery or have anything to do with selling wine, you had better know about the web. And I mean more than just e-mail. Because right now, there are hoards of tech-savvy 20 & 30 somethings who LOVE wine almost as much as they love technology.

So if you’re not optimizing, twittering & friend-ing people on LinkedIn, FaceBook or Wine 2.0, AND following TTL (aka Twitter Taste Live …for wine & tech geeks alike), you may as well be…under a rock. But I suppose if you’re reading this, you’ve been acquainted with the Social Media platform. It is here to stay in a BIG way.

Find out more NOW.

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