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I can’t exactly explain it, but when I find myself surrounded by talented, passionate people I am giddy with excitement and anticipation.  That’s how I feel about Layla Fanucci and her Exhibit opening in New York City on February 7, 2009.  This exhibit is all about New York and her “vision of their city”, said Ms. Fanucci.   Her work is intensely passionate, bold and captivating.  Layla Fanucci opens at the Walter Wickiser Gallery a prestigious Fine Art Gallery in Chelsea.  Layla is as warm and joyful in person to meet as her work is intense.  Her smile is as warm as the sun.  I’ll stop there lest I gush too much.  Go see her work.  Meet Ms. Fanucci at the opening.  (oh, and she makes a killer espresso, roasting the beans herself!)

layla-fanucci016-331Walter Wiskiser was born and raised in the American art world,  son of artist and art educator Ralph Wickiser.   His friendship at an early age with the Milton Avery and Yasuo Kuniyoshi families provided a special mentoring and education has proved very beneficial to his career as an art dealer.

After the Wickiser Gallery Exhibit, Layla will have a museum exhibit in North Carolina and then a 3 month museum exhibit in Marraketch, Morrocco.  The important thing is…go SEE her, the work, New York City, and people filled with talent and passion wherever you can find them!



Photos courtesy of Layla Fanucci.


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