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Food & Wine Porn

chocoheartI’ve been learning a lot lately about what I do (always learning more with wine), where I’m going, and the work-life balance along the way.  Something else I learned about myself:  I’m into Food & Wine Porn…my wino, foodie, bacon loving friends will know exactly what I’m talking about.  The rest of you can guess…or perhaps smirk at my noob status in this strange new world.  For example, now I can get a visceral, mouth-watering reaction not just from smelling divine foods as they are prepared, I can also have these reactions when people just talk about it…and even show me pictures.


Precious complaints aside re: terrible service or hospitality in the Valley, I’ll never stop and will likely increase my love for food, wine and the pleasure of enjoying those in the company of great friends and family.  With that said, it seems like the perfect opportunity to share my latest Food & Wine porn site with you…and some of her selections…oh man.  Just check these out and tell me you don’t want some!


Juggling that work-life balance and living in the world of food and wine reminds me to savor…the flavors, the moments, the company.  All she needs now is the bacon.  Thanks PinkPeppercorn.

Photos courtesy of Gail aka ThePinkPeppercork…on flickr.


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