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One great thing about the Wine Blog Awards is that, while many worthy blogs don’t win (for a great rant, check out Another Wine Blog‘s thoughts on these awards), there are some finalists and winners that gain exposure and I hope, garner more readership.  Or check out my list to the right here.  I say bravo to any tool that increases wine blogger readership.  Twitter is another place helping increase blogger readership (exposure) as does Mutineer Magazine.

Look how fun and sexy wine can be!  Wine blogs are too.sexywine

So what’s my point?  I’m digging for the tools that grow wine blogger readership.  That is, of course assuming that we’re talking about great blogs worth reading that are: educational, funny, relevant, well written, fascinating new perspectives, etc….you get the idea.  And why is that?  More people reading great blogs (free, BTW) about wine = more people curious, interested and excited about wine = more people talking about wine = more people enjoying wine.  If more people are enjoying wine then they are also enjoying each other…connecting.  Therefore:

  • Wineries should promote wine blogs.
  • Wine retailers should promote wine blogs.
  • Restaurants should promote wine blogs.
  • Post links to your favorite blogs on facebook…and update your list every 90 days.

And then…Drink More Wine.

Or, As our friends at Bin 36 like to say: “Drink Wine. Live Well. Have Fun.”

Any questions?



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